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Our story

Digital, and full service.
A new movement in banking.

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The motusbank story.

Like all good stories, it started with a simple idea; bring smart banking options to people across the country. What it has become is something even greater; an opportunity to make a real-deal difference in the financial lives of Canadians.
Meet motusbank. A new movement in banking. Digital and full-service, so you can do everything online and on your phone. If you need help or some solid advice, just give us a call and talk to a helpful human. 
What’s different? It’s all about you. We don’t have public shareholders, so as a customer you’re really a member. That means we’ll focus on better pricing and services instead of shareholder returns. Nice eh?

Let’s talk about products and rates

We know you’ll be impressed. We won’t charge you any fees on our chequing account, ever. Plus, you’ll get access to one of the largest no-fee ATM networks anywhere. eTransfers? Free and unlimited. And when it comes to rates, we’ll always aim to please. If you’ve got a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, we’ll have a GIC (fancy word for super safe investment) with your name on it. Our goal is to be fully transparent. No hoop jumping. No fine print.
We’ve got a full product line, so you won’t need to bank anywhere else. With a digital bank you can open your accounts, apply for everything – and get approved – all online. Our team can make decisions and provide approvals quickly. Saving, investing or getting a mortgage.  These things should be painless. We’ve made them that way.

Digital, not

Being digital doesn’t mean we won’t be in touch. We’ll stay connected with secure email, alerts and notifications. Our Member Service team are just a phone call away. We’ll make sure you have the right tools to manage your finances. Come for the products and rates, stay for the great service.

Yep. You can get
a mortgage.

The story wouldn’t be complete without a chapter on home ownership. In this market, buying a house is tough for a lot of Canadians. But what if you and your friends or family members got a mortgage together? We can make it so. The Friends and Family Mortgage is just one of the ways we’re innovating.

Safety first

On a serious note, we’re serious about your money and about security. We may be young, but our parent company, Meridian Credit Union has been helping Ontarians feel good about banking for over 75 years. As the largest credit union in Ontario and 2nd largest in Canada, Meridian has our back and yours. Deposits are eligible for deposit insurance from CDIC. We’ve got that too.

To be continued…

The story doesn’t end here. As a member of the motusbank community, we want you to help us grow and evolve. Sometimes we’ll send you ideas for new products, features, and tools, and we welcome your ideas too. If you have questions or feedback, we’re all ears.

Making banking feel good is what motusbank is all about.
So, how are you feeling? Ready to make the move?