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Privacy & security

Privacy & security notice

Motus Bank's ("motusbank") Privacy and Security Notice together with any  privacy related provisions included in the agreements you have with us form our privacy policy. This policy applies to the collection, use, or sharing of any personal information collected by motusbank in the course of conducting its business and will continue to apply for so long as we may hold your information (including for a reasonable time after the termination of your relationship with us.) By providing us with information, you are consenting to the collection, use or sharing of your information as set out in our privacy policy.

motusbank is dedicated to protecting your privacy and your personal, business and financial information. We carefully follow privacy policies and security practices in everything we do, to support our commitment to you.

What we collect and how we may use or disclose your information

When you apply for or open an account with us and through the course of our relationship we may collect, use and disclose certain information obtained from or about you to. Generally, we use this information to communicate with you, confirm your identify, satisfy legal or regulatory requirements, prevent fraud, maintain security, administer your accounts, offer to you and ensure your suitability and eligibility for products or services and to collect debts owed to us.

Examples of how we collect, use or disclose your information include:

  • Contact information, such as your name, address, email address, social media or other electronic addresses and telephone numbers, which we may use to communicate with you;
  • Identity information, such as date of birth, nature of business or occupation. This information may be used to protect against fraud, money laundering or may be required by law for us to collect.  As well we may collect identification documents such as a driver’s license or other documents such as a utility bill. We use these items to verify your identity;
  • Financial information, such as income, assets, liabilities, transaction history, payment history, credit history, and account activity. We may use this information to understand your needs, determine appropriateness,  suitability or eligibility for certain products and services;
  • Credit Bureau Information and other information about you, that we may use, disclose and collect from credit bureaus, credit reporting agencies or other financial services databases. We may do this to prevent against fraud or to ensure your suitability and eligibility for certain products, including pre-approved products.
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN), which we use for tax reporting purposes when requesting interest generating products or other investment income generating products or to verify and report credit or other information with the credit bureaus and credit reporting agencies. Also we may use your SIN to confirm your identity  as it allows us to keep your information separate from others, such as those with similar names. You may refuse to consent to the use of your SIN or its disclosure, except for purposes required by law, such as tax reporting.
  • Health Information, for the purposes of providing optional insurance products or services. We may use a third party to provide credit insurance products or services, as such you consent for us to exchange information including health information with the third party insurance provider.
  • Other individuals’ information, such as names and contact information of beneficiaries, your spouse, dependents or references, as this information may be required by law, or to provide certain products to you or in the case of references to verify information you provide.
  • Recordings of telephone calls or other electronic communication. This is used to establish a record of the information provided to you by us and a record of your information and instructions to us and to maintain quality of the services we provide.  We may also use video recording in and around our physical premises and ATMs to ensure your safety and ours and to prevent against fraud and other illegal activity.
  • Electronic or computer information, such as IP addresses, information about your operating system, web-browser or internet connection.  We may use this information for the reasons described within the notice, particularly for security purposes or to enhance your digital experience.
  • Other information, that may help us to confirm your identify, satisfy legal or regulatory authority, collect a debt to us, prevent fraud, maintain security, administer your accounts or ensure your suitability and eligibility for products or services.

We strongly encourage you to read this entire document together with your account agreements as other means of collecting, using and disclosing your personal information may be described within.

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