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Support for Seniors

Helpful resources for people over 60

Our Commitment to Seniors

Easy access to information is important, especially for seniors. While we’re a digital bank with a younger member base, we understand that seniors have unique needs. At motusbank we’re committed to providing accessible communications and services to our members of all ages.

The Code of Conduct for Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors

Like many Canadian financial institutions, motusbank has adopted the Code of Conduct for the Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors (the “Code”). The Code outlines how banks should deliver products and services to older Canadians; from how banks and seniors should be mindful of financial abuse, fraud, and scams that target vulnerable seniors, to educating consumers around making better financial decisions.

Principles of the Code

Principle 1: establish and implement appropriate policies, procedures, and processes to support the Code.

Principle 2: communicate effectively with seniors.

Principle 3: provide appropriate training to our employees and representatives who serve seniors. 

Principle 4: make appropriate resources available to member-facing employees to help them understand matters relevant to seniors’ banking needs.

Principle 5: endeavor to mitigate potential financial harm to seniors.

Principle 6: take into account market demographics and the needs of seniors when proceeding with branch closures.

Principle 7: publicly disclose steps we have taken to support the principles set out in the Code

Interested in learning more? Visit the Canadian Bankers Association – Seniors Code of Conduct for Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors.

Helpful resources

We believe everyone should have access to the information they need. To help with that, we’ve complied important tools and resources to help seniors on their financial journey.

Financial literacy

Explore useful information from the Canadian Bankers Association, just for seniors. Learn more about financial literacy and how to protect yourself from fraud.


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Powers of attorney and joint accounts

The Government of Canada has helpful information about setting up a power of attorney or joint account, including Q&As. Review what every Canadian should know.

Annual reporting

To ensure we’re doing our best to serve the needs of seniors, we publish annual reporting that outlines how we’re supporting the principles in the Senior’s Code. Review the details on our regulatory disclosures page.