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Helpful tools

Figure out what you can afford to borrow and save with our super-simple calculators.

Mortgage affordability calculator

Wondering how to make home ownership a reality? Start by figuring out what size mortgage you can afford based on your income and expenses.


Mortgage payment calculator

Find out how much your mortgage payments will be. Plus, figure out how much you can save by changing your payment frequency or making extra payments.


Mortgage prepayment calculator

Find out how much you can pay down on your mortgage without penalty, and what it will cost you to pay it off early.


Loan and Line of credit calculator

How do you choose between a loan and a line of credit? Know before you borrow. Find out which option makes sense for you, and what your monthly payments and borrowing costs will be.


Retirement planning calculator

It’s never too early to start putting money away for retirement.  We can help you build your nest egg, comfortably – ensuring that today and tomorrow always feel good.


Savings calculator

If you saved the cost of 20 coffees each month, how much would you have in a year? How about 20 takeout lunches? Figure out how much you can save over time by putting money away regularly.


Smart advice

Read our blog for helpful advice on planning a bright financial future. Find articles on everything from day to day banking to saving, investing, borrowing, first-time home buying and everything in between.

Member Service, here for you

For moments when you’ve just got to talk to a real human, we’ve got you covered. We’re ready for your calls and we’ll help you bank from anywhere.

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