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What can your motusbank Financial Planner do for you

We’re so glad you asked. Your motusbank Financial Planner through Aviso Wealth will help you figure out where you are financially, and work with you to build a personalized plan to reach your goals. You’ll start by looking at your budget and spending habits and defining your short or long-term goals – a down payment on a home, an emergency savings fund, retirement – whatever matters to you. Once your Financial Planner knows where you stand, you’ll get a personalized, realistic plan to get where you want to be; like a roadmap for your future that changes and evolves over time.

Financial planning advice, for everyone (yes, that means you!)

Whether you’ve just graduated or you’re well into your career, if you don’t have a financial plan, you need one. Your Financial Planner will help you make informed decisions and set realistic goals. You might be thinking about:

-Should I contribute to a TFSA or an RRSP?
-How much of my salary should I be saving?
-What’s the best way to pay down my student debt?
-What’s the best way to save for my first home?

Even if you’ve been saving and investing for a while, the big changes in life – kids, careers, health – can throw you off course. Your Financial Planner will help you maneuver through change, monitor your progress, and pivot when you need to. You might be thinking about:

-How much do I need to save for retirement?
-What is a diversified portfolio?
-Can I afford to change careers?
-How can I plan for a growing family and my children’s education?

As you work toward this milestone (good for you, by the way), keep in mind that watching your spending and minimizing taxes doesn’t stop at retirement. Your Financial Planner can help prepare you for life after work. You might be thinking about:

-How much money do I need to maintain my lifestyle in retirement?
-What is the best way to structure retirement income, so I don’t lose any benefits or credits?
-How can my spouse and I minimize taxes?
-How can I distribute my legacy to my loved ones?


How your motusbank Financial Planner can help

Setting (and reaching) your goals

Everyone’s goals and timelines are different. You might be thinking short term – new laptop, pay off credit card, save for next vacation – or something further out, like retirement. Your Financial Planner will help you define and prioritize your goals and build strategies to reach them.

Recommending the right investments

There is a lot to think about when choosing investments. When will you need the money? How much risk are you comfortable with? What are the tax implications? This is where your Financial Planner’s expertise and knowledge can really make a difference. You’ll learn a ton along the way and feel good doing it.

Rebuilding your confidence after a set back

Life doesn’t always go in a straight line. If you lose your job, or experience health issues or other setbacks, your finances – and your financial plan – can take a serious hit. Remember, in difficult times, your Financial Planner can help you make decisions to get you back on track.

Preserving your investments and your estate

You’ve worked hard to grow your investments over time, and you want to ensure that what you’ve achieved is taken care of – especially if you plan on passing it on to loved ones or a meaningful cause. Your Financial Planner will help you build tax-efficient strategies to preserve your estate.

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