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What’s a Mobile Mortgage Specialist?

A Mobile Mortgage Specialist is a mortgage expert who can come to you, wherever you are, to answer all your mortgage questions. You can even meet with them outside of business hours – in person or virtually! Another big bonus is that our specialists live and work in B.C., so they’re super familiar with the market. All that personal experience means that they’re fully prepared to answer all your questions and help you out with complicated situations.

Introducing our Mobile Mortgage Specialists is just one way we’re making it easier for you to understand all your options, get the best mortgage possible, or manage the mortgage you already have.

Meet our Mobile Mortgage Specialists

Mike Kelly

Mike has been in the Mobile Mortgage Specialist field since 2001, with two of the largest institutions in Canada. He’s worked with people from all over B.C. - from first-time buyers to seasoned purchasers. Plus, he has significant experience working on refinances and new builder purchases. Mike prides himself on making sure that his clients get a personalized and enjoyable mortgage experience. He’s available 7 days week and is only a simple call or email away.

Balbir Heer

Balbir has been a Mobile Mortgage Specialist for over 10 years. He loves what he does because he gets to see the positive impact he has on people's lives and helps them to achieve their home ownership dreams. Balbir takes the time to educate home buyers on all the mortgage options available, and their benefits, guiding them through the process to a well-informed decision. He’s available at your convenience so give him a call, email, or text. He’s here to help!

Our motus story

motusbank is owned and backed by Meridian, the largest credit union in Ontario and 2nd largest in Canada. We’re all about our members - prioritizing better pricing and services over shareholder returns.

As a full-service bank, motusbank offers Canadians an exceptional digital service offering, and access to some of the most competitive rates and fees in the country. This makes us a competitive and digitally-friendly alternative to the Big 5 banks.

The word motus means movement or motion, and it represents a new movement in banking; one that’s dedicated to improving the lives of its members and communities. So get moving towards your goals with us! Whether it’s great mortgage rates, no-fee chequing, easy digital banking, or innovative tools and services, we’re here for you.

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