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6.69%1 5-year fixed closed mortgage

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Friends & family mortgages

Tired of renting? Ready to leave the nest (again)?

  • Join forces with family or friends and pool your money, for a larger shared home
  • It’s an innovative and affordable way to become a homeowner
  • Get some of that ‘equity’ that your parents’ generation always talk about
  • Keep your real estate options open
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Pay down up to 20% of the original principal balance, per year, without penalty.  
You can also increase your monthly payment by up to 20% of your original payment plan each year (or a combination of both).

This feature is as simple as it sounds – we let you skip one month’s worth of mortgage payments, once per calendar year, to give you a little breathing room.

Having a mortgage is a long-term commitment. Choose a payment schedule that suits you and fits your budget. Make weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or accelerated weekly and bi-weekly payments.

Mortgage Protection / Creditor Insurance

Group mortgage protection (GMP) insurance is a monthly premium that can be added to your mortgage payments. Protect your home in case you miss payments due to things such as critical illness, disability and just the overall hardships of life, for as long as you hold your mortgage.

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How to choose between a fixed or 
variable rate mortgage

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