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Surprisingly easy ways to save money

April 1,2019

Author: Sarita Harbour

Did you know you can save money by negotiating lower prices on things most of us don't think of? It’s true. The potential to save money is all around us. If you’re looking for unusual ways to save money, here are five places to get started.

Negotiating a lower rent is most successful when your landlord is an individual, not a rental company. Increase your odds of getting a lower rent by offering to pay a few months rent upfront, or by signing a rental agreement for a year instead of going month-to-month.

Credit card interest rate
Few people realize it’s possible to negotiate a better credit card rate. If you have good credit, a strong relationship with your credit card company, and you often carry a balance on your credit card, ask! You may get a reduced rate on your existing card, or be offered a lower rate for switching to another card within the same company.

Big purchases at big stores
After your home and vehicle, some of your biggest purchases are furniture, mattresses, appliances, and home electronics, yet many people don’t know that the list prices on these high-mark-up items are negotiable, even at the big box stores. Do your research before shopping, look at local flyers and online prices, and work out what you’re willing to pay. Haggle with the salesperson to get your price, or at the very least, ask for free shipping and delivery.
Grocery store items
At your local grocery store search out items that look scratched or dented and ask the department manager for a discount. And if you’re buying large quantities of anything, (for example, several cases of canned goods), also ask for a discount. And don’t forget to visit sites/apps like Checkout51 and Flipp for sales flyers and online coupons to take advantage of additional savings.

Clothes in retail or department stores
You may not even have thought of it, but haggling may get you a deal when it comes to buying clothes. This is easiest if what you want to buy is in less than perfect condition - but an easy fix, or it’s out of season. Look for unravelling seams, missing buttons, or other easily-repaired imperfections. Here’s your negotiating line. “I’d like to buy this sweater, but it’s coming apart at this seam. How much of a discount can I get?”

Smartphone or internet contracts
The next time your smartphone or internet contract is coming up for renewal, negotiate for a better deal. Remember, it’s much cheaper for providers to keep your business than to try to get new customers, so this is prime negotiation time. Check out what local competitors currently offer for switching, and ask your own service provider to match or do better on the deal.

Visit sites like TravelZoo and Groupon for other great deals. You just may be surprised on what you can save money on if you really put your mind to it.

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