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Open a savings account to win* a set of Apple AirPods

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It’s our birthday - we’ll give stuff away if we want to

It’s motusbank’s second birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving away four sets of AirPods. You could win one just by opening a motusbank savings account online and depositing $100!

Bonus: You get an extra chance to win each time you add a minimum of $50 to your new savings account through Interac e-Transfer or Money Mover, or by depositing a cheque with your phone.

A great way to start saving + a chance to win = this decision is a piece of birthday cake.

Hurry up! Contest ends June 4, 2021.

Enter the contest


Step 1:

Submit the contest form on this page.


Step 2:

Go online and open a savings account. Deposit at least $100.


Step 3:

Get a bonus chance to win* every time you use Interac e-Transfer, Money Mover, or mobile cheque deposit to add at least $50 to your account.

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