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Rate Scoop

Get a heads up on rate changes

Upcoming rate changes

With rates frequently changing, we want to keep you updated by giving you advanced notice of any changes to motusbank’s posted rates.

There are no upcoming changes to any of our rates right now. Check back later!

No surprises, no worries

We make it easy to stay in the know! With Rate Scoop you get 24 to 72 hours advance notice about upcoming rate changes.

How do I get the scoop on rate changes?

No FOMO here – we let you know about rate changes through email and on this site.

Rate Scoop Emails

To get an email about rate changes all you have to do is:

  • Make sure the email address we have for you is valid.
  • Opt in to marketing communications from motusbank – that’s how we send the emails.

It’s easy to check what email address we have on file for you. Just sign on to Online Banking or our Mobile App, go to “Settings” and check what email is listed in your profile. Or, call our Contact Centre at 1-833-696-6887.

Website Alerts

When we send out email alerts about rate changes we also place an alert on our site. Bookmark this page and check any time you want.