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Financial relief

A pandemic hit, the markets started going up and down, many people lost their jobs, and everyone’s stressed. At motusbank, getting the right kind of financial help is one thing our members don’t need to worry about. We have lots of solutions, like payment deferrals, and direct deposit for CRA payments. With our expert advice, it’s easy to customize a financial relief plan.

To get started, reach out to Member Services at 1-833-696-6887.

Direct deposit for CRA benefits

By setting up Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) direct deposit online, you can get your CRA direct deposit payments easily deposited into your motusbank account. If you’ve had a motusbank chequing or savings account for at least 6 months you can submit an online request for CRA direct deposit and the CRA will put the benefit right into your account. 

How it works

It’s easy - just sign in to online banking, and from the Account Summary screen, select the link that says "CRA Direct Deposit". You can also find the option under 'Settings’ or in the "Set up a Direct Deposit" option located in the "Select an Action" menu from any Chequing or Savings account. Once you sign up for direct deposit it takes about 3 to 5 business days to complete the request. 

Is this for you?

Signing up for CRA direct deposit is a great option if you’re receiving any of the following refunds, credits, or benefits:
  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit
  • Canada Emergency Student Benefit
  • Income tax refund
  • Goods and services tax / Harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit
  • Canada child benefit
  • Canada workers benefit
  • Ontario trillium benefit


You can sign up online for direct deposit CRA payments if:
  • You have a chequing or savings account with motusbank
  • You've filed at least one income tax return
  • Your account has been opened for more than 90 days
If you don’t meet these criteria you can still register for direct deposit by contacting CRA directly or using the CRA’s My Account portal. For more information, visit the CRA website.

Repaying CERB payments

If you applied for CERB and you are either no longer eligible, or applied multiple times for the same period, you may have to return the CERB payments. For details on how to repay it visit the CRA website
Frequently asked questions about CRA payments

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. You can call or email Member Services.

Call Member Services 1 (833) 696-6887
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