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Price Drop

You shop. We find better deals. You save money.

Better deals? Yes please!

Say goodbye to bargain hunting with Price Drop. All you have to do is upload or email us your receipts. Then, we do all the work of searching for lower prices so you can claim your money back.

It’s super easy and all you need to get started is the motusbank App.

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How to use Price Drop

Price Drop is an awesome service that checks your receipts against prices from over 150 popular retailers every day for as long as the receipt allows. Set up Price Drop and start saving money in three easy steps.

Step 1: Tell us what you bought

Snap a pic of your receipt using the motusbank app. You can also forward online receipts to if you’ve shared your email with us in Price Drop Settings.

Step 2: We search for a better deal

We use your receipts to search for better prices on stuff you’ve bought – like tech, furniture, toys, clothes, and other eligible items from price-matching retailers.

Step 3: You save money

If we find a better price, we’ll email you or send an in-app notification. We’ll also provide the proof you need to get your money back from the retailer for the difference in cost. For online receipts, we’ll claim the refund from the retailer on your behalf whenever possible – you won’t have to lift a finger!

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Getting the most from Price Drop

Here’s the insider info:

  • We don’t price match everything – gas, groceries, and entertainment aren’t eligible, for example.
  • Get in the habit of submitting your receipts all the time. Take a photo when you get them or forward email receipts right to the price drop mailbox.
  • You can use Price Drop with purchases made with cash, debit, and credit - even with non-motusbank cards!
  • Be patient! On average, we’ll find you a better price 25% of the time – and some people have received up to $500 on a single item! So don’t give up if you don’t see price matches right away.

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